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Company Culture
layo concept -
Integrity, pragmatism, enthusiasm and excellence.
The company's corporate philosophy or goal is simply summarized as "integrity, pragmatism, enthusiasm, excellence", that is, "integrity-based, united and pragmatic, enthusiastic service, superior excellence." Each employee is further elaborated and preached in terms of its meaning, making it the most important part of the corporate culture, concentrating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees and enhancing the core competitiveness of the company, so that the spirit of Layo is revitalized by each employee. To promote its growth and development.
- layo purpose
Integrity: "Sincerity" is a sincere and loyal solution. "Letter" means credit and credibility, and "integrity" is the foundation of the company. It is the most basic quality requirement of every employee. Every employee has to do good deeds, whether it is right or not, and must have good moral character, love the company, and maintain the company's external image everywhere. We have made unremitting efforts to win good reputation in service and trade. Integrity-based has always been the company's goal of fighting internally and externally.
layo spirit -
Unity And Pragmatism.
Pragmatic: "Practice" means to commit to something and do certain work; "real" means to be practical and practical. "Practical" means doing anything, doing any work is real and practical, and don't steal it and be slick. To do any work requires unity, team spirit, consistent pursuit, leaders and employees, employees and employees to work together to properly handle the relationship between individuals and companies, colleagues. Make the entire team work best and best.
- layo soul
Warm service
Passion: It is a kind of strong feelings, passion or enthusiasm, full of vitality, initiative or resilience. Service is the soul of our company's work. Serving a good customer is tantamount to serving yourself. It is a smile service, and the service is easy to say. It takes a lot of effort to do it. As a good friend (Layo) employees must have a good sense of service and service, this is the most basic starting point for the development of individuals and companies, is the most basic quality requirements for the achievement of the cause. It's hard to imagine a person who doesn't have a sense of service and doesn't know how to serve others. He can't make a career for the industry he is doing! Only those who are enthusiastic about service and those who constantly explore ways of service are the talents that Layo really needs to support the pillars of the company.
layo aims -
Outstanding Excellence.
Excellence: There are brilliant, superb, outstanding, and extraordinary. Layo employees are required to have a high level of technical skills; a brilliant mindset and outstanding work and study performance, diligent study and hard work, not only make the individual develop in many aspects, but ultimately promote the steady development of Liangyou Group. This is the outstanding goal we pursue and achieve together.
- layo future
Centennial Enterprise
We believe that every good friend (Layo) employee can only make outstanding progress and development, then our good friend (Layo) company will develop healthily and steadily, and will make outstanding contributions to society and the country! We hope that the career development of each employee can be integrated into the development of Layo, and Layo will create a good space for you to develop!
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